17 thoughts on “The Porch Prayer Wall

  1. Pray for Nathan Ortega. I haven’t heard from in the past couple of weeks. Pray that he is still hungry to know more about God.


  2. Please pray for the two Chinese couples at Hong Kong Restaurant that are Christians. Pray for their obedience in abiding in God, in His Word, in prayer, and in obedience as they seek to share more and more.

    Also pray for opportunities that I am finally getting in my old fraternity. I want to finally be a light in a place that I had previously been so dark.


  3. As we pray for neighbors:
    The Tucker’s neighbor now raising children on her own.
    The Cavazos’ as they share more openly with their neighbor about God.
    The Carruth’s neighbor seems to be needing more and more help that isn’t available as her dementia gets worse.

    For families of law enforcement officers in our church and community as they deal with fear due to recent violence towards law enforcement.

    Pray for Jenna as God leads her into more discipleship/leadership roles.

    Pray for the Wrights as they prepare for Baby Boy! Provide caretakers/drivers for the day of his arrival!


  4. Community group at Bull’s house:
    Jonathan’s family, that God’s will will be done
    Bull’s ultrasound!
    Students and their classes
    Student Tricia whose mom is dying
    Kasha, Ben, Blake and Jonathan all have friends that they are having opportunities to share the gospel with
    Kasha’s mom wanting to remarry
    Brittany’s family, God’s will be done
    Alexa’s leg, total recovery
    Abby’s wedding


  5. Pray for a guy named Wyatt. He’s pretty confused about his spirituality but he told me he believes in God. Pray for opportunity to share with him! Also, that he’ll come tonight to worship at thw BSU.


  6. Prayer requests from this week:

    David asks for prayer to have wisdom in talking with his friends, especially as conversations go deeper.

    Chris also asks for wisdom in talking with people.

    Brady asks for prayer as he deals with depression.

    Last week Sara got to share with one of her coworkers. Continued prayer for more conversations.

    Daniel would like prayer for his children’s future.


  7. Will’s mom, Cori, is having a medical procedure on Monday 9-28.
    Ben and Sasha are preparing to move.
    Jenna has made progress with her mom, so please pray that God begins softening her mom’s heart to Himself.
    Pray that all the details for transportation and care come together for Baby Wright’s arrival.


  8. Make Tuesdays your day to pray for Embrace Grace! Pray that God works in the hearts of the participants, and pray that Jenna and Danielle throw aside all distractions as they allow God to equip them to minister to the participants.


  9. Prays for my family.
    My family took in a homeless kid, his name is Travis Wilkinson. Travis graduated from Artesia high, and after graduated he was pushed out the door of his foster home. He has no one and has had a hard life. He will be live with my parents for the time being.


  10. Pray for a guy named Santiago. He’s a cook at Taco Box, Catholic, and a self proclaimed pot head. I just had the most random encounter with him at McDonald’s and tried to open the door to the gospel, but he had to leave. Pray for the open doors (oppurtunity, my mouth, his heart) so that someone would reach him, even if it’s not me!


  11. Chris: please pray for the health of everyone in his family. It seemed like everyone was getting sick in his household.
    O’Shaun: he will be going back home to help his mother. Please pray for the transition from being at ENMU to being at home.
    Heather: please pray for her parents who are in the process of adoption.
    Sara: please continue to pray for more opportunities to share and invest in her coworkers.


  12. For Tim and Jacob. They are brothers who go to ENMU with some stresses involved with their dad. Pray also that they would come into a relationship with Jesus.

    Pray for Destiny. She is having a difficult time adjusting to a hurting relationship with her best friend. Pray that she would let Jesus be her most dear relationship so that she can deal with hurt with other fellow sinners better.

    Pray for Ben, Kasha, David and Ashley as they engage in students and prepare to lead their own Comm. Groups on campus.


  13. Chris…
    Praise: Chris got a new job just in time for a Misty to go back to school and finish her degree and take care of a new baby. Also, there is funding from people in order to take care of the passing of a loved one.

    Pray for the preparation for his mission trip. He will leave December 20 and return January 3.
    Also, he asks that you pray that he won’t be lazy these last couple of weeks of school.

    Praise: Aviyon, her foster brother, has a tumor. He went to the hospital and it turns out he won’t have to go to the hospital again for another four months.


  14. So my co worker Leslie found out last night that she has a heart arrhythmia. She’s having a stress test done right now to find out more. But the doctors are pretty worried about her. They called like 5 times this morning. And that’s made her really nervous.


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